-Deposit of 100

-Deposit of 100


Product Code: DEP100


Club Rules:

1. Once you deposit 100 euro and reserve any specific phone, we will keep separate that phone for you and we will not sale that phone to anyone else.

2. The deposit is Non-refundable.

3. Prices may change before you pay the full amount, however the amount you pay will be the price of the phone on the date that you made the reservation.

4. Deposits can be paid both in-store and online at hoco.ie.

5.Remaining balance need to be paid within 5 weeks.

6. if you want to make a reservation online, you pay a deposit and write what phone, capacity, color and condition you want in the “note area”


iPhone 11, 64GB, Black, New.
or iPhone 11, 64GB, Purple, Grade A